Saving for a dignified lifestyle: the story of Angela

Apr 5, 2024

Meet Angela Kantunsa, a Kapiri Mponshi-based youth who used the sewing skills she acquired to raise and save money to build and electrify a three-bedroom house for herself and her family.

Angela discloses that when she received her share of her group’s savings, which was K7,000, she approached her friend, put the money together, and bought a sizeable residential plot, which they shared and built their houses.

Angela, a mother of two, narrates: “I used the money I received at our previous share-out meeting to electrify my house. My goal was to ensure that my two children grow up in a decent, well-lit house.”

Through economic strengthening, the USAID Controlling HIV Epidemic for Key and Underserved Populations (USAID CHEKUP II) Activity provides adolescent girls and young women with the knowledge and skills they need to attain much-needed economic freedom.

And through community-led savings groups, underserved communities and young women like Angela now have access to affordable loans, which are being used to start businesses and transform the communities for improved development and health outcomes.