We strive to establish interventions that change the future of public health to sustainable, equitable, robust healthcare systems that ultimately improve the health of individuals and communities. Our expertise includes:


We work with governments, private entities, funders, the private sector, and implementing partners to design and implement solutions that will overcome the most pressing public health challenges. We do this through innovative management consulting, technical assistance, capacity development, strategic partnerships, and market facilitation.

Our expertise includes HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment; reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health; family planning; immunization; tuberculosis treatment; service delivery; health communications; private sector engagement; monitoring and evaluation; market development; information systems; and supply chain.

At our core, we strive to improve the sustainability, equity and quality of health systems as well as the capacity of local entities to ensure greater access to and use of health care for all Zambians. Our ultimate goal is to improve the health outcomes for the communities we work with


JSH’s pursuit of effective health service delivery includes increasing access and supporting use of health services by those in need, providing quality care to produce the desired health benefits, effective use of limited resources, and learning, adapting, and improving for the future. Having years of experience and a wide range of health expertise, we know how to connect various stakeholders and promote systematic changes through an all-encompassing approach to health service delivery. This goes beyond merely filling gaps in current healthcare systems. We aim to bring about fundamental, long-lasting changes that advance the communities we serve.

We believe that a people-centered approach is essential for providing quality health services to under-served populations and ensuring that no one is left behind. We collaborate with governments and stakeholders at all levels to offer community-based health solutions to fundamental service delivery challenges in order to improve equitable access, quality, responsiveness and participation, efficiency and resilience of a wide range of high-quality health services, and to ensure an integrated and person-centered continuum of care. In the end, this results in better health outcomes for all.


Supply chain management is a fundamental process to establish, expand and maintain well-developed public health systems. Good supply chain management ensures clients have access to health commodities as and when they are needed. By strengthening the public health supply chain, we increase the availability of quality health products in health facilities, alternative service delivery points, and communities.

We are committed to improving public health systems by increasing access to health products throughout Zambia and the region. We work closely with supply chain managers and governments, by providing training, technical assistance, and information technology for building, scaling up, and managing robust, resilient health supply chains.

Through comprehensive assessments of supply chain infrastructure, we leverage technology, people, and processes to build strong, adaptable supply chains that can cater to their communities. At JSH, we envision equitable access to quality health commodities in all parts of the country, including remote communities.


For a high-quality public health system, it is important to implement critical health information technology (IT). This encompasses all aspects of client information and care. Health IT supports health care providers by improving processes and the quality of health care, and by reducing discrepancies.

We develop tailored strategies, assess health IT needs, implement robust and sustainable systems, and build capacity to design and manage health IT, whilst monitoring and testing outcomes and offering expertise on integration, management, and advances. By collaborating with implementing partners, governments, and health care providers we can identify and deploy IT that not only drives improved health outcomes but is cost-effective and pioneers new developments in health care.


The private sector is growing, reshaping health markets and the way people access and utilize health information, products, and services. JSH engenders local ownership, capacity, and commitment to optimizing private sector engagement in health – for-profit and not-for-profit providers, associations, suppliers/distributors, among others – to effectively and sustainably respond to the health care needs of various populations.

As market facilitators, we coordinate, catalyze, and harness the comparative strengths of the private sector. We utilize strategies that are holistic and interconnected across the market system, facilitate joint problem-solving and collaboration with public and private sectors, and leverage data and technology to drive market development in areas such as HIV, family planning, and maternal and child health. Through co-creation and human-centred design approaches, we establish trust, credibility, and shared value, among various market actors to strengthen policy and service design and delivery that will ultimately ensure affordable, reliable access to client-centred healthcare.