USAID eSCMIS Project Annual Report FY2023

This report provides an overview of the fourth-year activities (October 2022–September 2023) carried out by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Electronic Supply Chain Management Information System (eSCMIS) project. Over this period, the project focused on digitizing Zambia’s healthcare supply chain, aiming to extend its impact to communities, healthcare personnel, public and private facilities, and public health administrative units. Collaborating with the MOH, the project surpassed its FY23 goal by deploying the Electronic Logistics Management Information System (eLMIS) to 181 healthcare facilities, achieving 109% of its target, with the MOH playing a pivotal role in 94.5% of deployments. Since FY2020, 966 eLMIS Facility Edition (FE) deployments and training for 5,100 MOH staff have been completed. The project addressed challenges, conducted a mid-term review, and focused on integrating eLMIS with SmartCare+ and ZAMMSA’s WHXpert system (the warehouse management system). Efforts were made to transition eLMIS leadership to the MOH, achieving 50% facility coverage and engaging key stakeholders, including presenting at the Zambia Medical Doctors Conference to promote proper system utilization at all government levels.

The project is making significant gains to meet its three goals: 1) implement the next-generation eLMIS; 2) enable GRZ to make data-driven supply chain decisions independently; and 3) transfer eLMIS to GRZ to own its data and reporting systems.