USAID eSCMIS Project Annual Report FY2022

The five-year USAID eSCMIS project builds on the success of the present electronic logistics management information system (eLMIS) in Zambia. This report covers October 1 2021–September 30, 2022, Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 / Project Year (PY) 3, during which the country’s eLMIS deployment digitized the health supply chain, enabling health care workers to deliver standardized services and use data to inform decisions. The project made significant progress in ensuring that the eLMIS is available across the country, with a total of 1,452 facilities using the eLMIS FE by the end of FY22. In PY 3, the USAID eSCMIS project deployed the eLMIS FE to 351 new health facilities across 10 provinces and 32 districts (more than 100 percent of the 350 targeted). The MOH deployed 106 (30 percent) of these facilities independently. The project achieved an 81 percent life-of-project completion rate for enhancements and continued to train new medical staff entering the health system in the functionality of the eLMIS operating systems. Further, the project worked closely with the MOH to update the Sustainability and Transition Plan.