USAID eSCMIS Annual Report FY2021

The five-year USAID eSCMIS project builds on the success of the present electronic logistics management information system (eLMIS) in Zambia. Despite a late start due to COVID-19 limitations, the project made great progress in the implementation of operations in FY21. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MOH), the project began the deployment of eLMIS FE to new health facilities in all 10 provinces, with advanced planning in equipment purchase and site selection. By the end of FY21, eLMIS FE was in 1,102 hospitals. MOH deployed 35% of 433 deployments, with the rest being a partnership between project staff, MOH champions, and MOH super-users. The project has accomplished 90 of the 243 user stories (software enhancements) intended for the project’s duration. The project has also improved the capabilities of provincial and district MOH personnel to maintain the system through mentorship during system updates, deployments, and technical support.