Anseli Inambao: A Self-Made eLMIS Expert

Apr 18, 2024

Along the USAID eSCMIS project’s journey of supporting Zambia’s Ministry of Health (MOH) with transforming the healthcare system through the implementation of the electronic Logistics Management Information System (eLMIS), many remarkable successes have emerged. One such story is that of Anseli Inambao, a Registered Nurse from Kaande Health Post, Mongu District, Western Province. Amidst the various challenges that create capacity gaps in eLMIS system use, Anseli, a dedicated MOH staff, took it upon himself to independently become an expert in the eLMIS system without requesting supporting from the USAID eSCMIS project. His journey is a testament to the power of self-motivation, dedication, and a hunger for knowledge.

Anseli recognized the importance of the eLMIS system in ensuring the uninterrupted supply of life-saving medications and equipment. He saw an opportunity to make a difference and embarked on a journey that would transform him into an eLMIS expert.

Anseli Inambao, a Registered Nurse from Kaande Health Post, Mongu District

Self-Motivation and Determination

Having identified gaps at his health facility, including missing reports and critical data not being adequately captured due to insufficient capacity, Anseli decided to orient himself on how to use eLMIS. Armed with the eLMIS manuals provided by the USAID eSCMIS project, he dove headfirst into learning the system.

Remarkably, within just one week of reading the manuals, he gained a comprehensive understanding of how to use the eLMIS system. The manuals, he noted, were incredibly user-friendly, making the learning process accessible and efficient. He believed that the true power of becoming an eLMIS expert lay in self-motivation and hands-on experience and that mastering the eLMIS system would enable him to serve his community better.

Putting Knowledge into Practice, Sharing and Inspiring Others

As Anseli started assisting in data entry and inventory management at his healthcare facility, he gradually contributed to improvements in its supply chain operations.

I have been able to contribute to improvements in our eLMIS system use including data quality and reporting rates at the health facility,” shares Anseli.

Anseli’s dedication has not gone unnoticed. His colleagues have seen his passion and the tangible improvements he has brought to their facility’s operations. Recognizing the potential, Anseli has begun conducting informal training sessions for his coworkers, sharing his insights and expertise. He has become a mentor, guiding others in mastering the eLMIS.

He says, “I took it upon myself to train two of my colleagues, passing on the knowledge I acquired and ensuring that the benefits of eLMIS extend beyond myself.”

An Emblem of Inspiration

Anseli’s journey from a dedicated health staff member to an eLMIS expert without formal training is an inspiring testament to the power of determination and self-motivation. His efforts not only improved the efficiency of his health facility but also contributed significantly to the broader implementation of eLMIS in Zambia.

His story serves as a reminder for healthcare workers across Zambia that with unwavering dedication and a thirst for knowledge, anyone can become an eLMIS expert and make a lasting impact on their community and the country. Anseli urges other health staff to be self-motivated and take a keen interest in learning how to use the eLMIS system. He emphasized that the manuals are not only readily available but also incredibly user-friendly. His journey is proof that sometimes, all you need to succeed is a manual, a dream, and an unshakable belief in yourself.